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14th of August 2020

First E-recycle event to plant trees a big success!

Our inaugural Drive-Through Electronics Recycling Event to Plant Trees on August 8th was a big success. We received over 100 loads of used electronics for proper disposal, including computers, monitors, printers, televisions and other items weighing a total of two tons. This means that a significant amount of mercury and other dangerous materials will never […]

20th of March 2020

Healthy Trees, Healthy Environment, Healthy People

Here at ForestPlanet we strive to focus on the many benefits of trees in general, and also report on specific tree planting activities and accomplishments. After a successful fundraiser here in DC in late February we’re now up to 150K trees planted, and plan to keep building on that momentum. The current public health situation […]

11th of January 2020

ForestPlanet 2019 Annual Summary

On the cusp of our third anniversary, we’re happy to report that 2019 was an excellent year for ForestPlanet. More than 80,000 trees were planted with our tree planting partners, and we established great relationships with multiple organizations what will result in tens of thousands of trees getting planted in the years to come.  We […]

28th of December 2019

Update: ’80s Immersion Dance Party and Fundraiser Planted 20,000+ Trees

Dance and Leap (Year) for Trees on February 29th in Washington, DC!  Join us at the lovely St. Yves Club in downtown Washington, DC for an evening of fun ’80s dance tunes, music videos, period films, food, and good celebrations.  Master DJ Neal Keller will be spinning the tunes and filling four screens with images […]

21st of October 2019

Trees and their Cycles: Water and Carbon

  If overworked farmland gets dried and caked, effectively reverting to inert dirt, heavy rainwater can compound the problem. The water either runs off, causing flooding and havoc downstream, or pools on top of the field and destroys the crops. And with it a whole season’s, or year’s, worth of income for the local community […]

17th of August 2019

Mangrove importance: Big picture, human picture

This terrific profile of Brazilian fisherman Jose da Cruz by Reuters’ Nacho Doce (credit: all photos below) vividly illustrates why mangroves are so important to fighting the climate crisis and sustaining local communities.  To the first point, please check out our previous article: “Blue Carbon..It’s all in the Mud.” According to Doce’s article, one acre of […]

31st of July 2019

Updated! ForestPlanet chosen by the AUDL for Champions Weekend 2019

The American Ultimate Disc League, in partnership with Arista Networks, selected ForestPlanet to be part of the 50,000 Tree Planting Challenge, which occured during AUDL Championship Weekend 8 on August 10-11, 2019 in Los Altos, CA.  We’re very glad to have been chosen as the tree planting partner for this exciting event, and applaud the AUDL for taking a […]

14th of July 2019

It’s Official: The Economics and Science of Tree Planting

It’s always good when new reports are released that support one’s mission.  That’s why we’re excited to share a new study that concludes that “reforestation is the most effective solution at our disposal to mitigate climate change.”   The study, which appears in the July issue of Science, found that the Earth can support another 0.9 […]

17th of June 2019

Tree Growing Educational Program is Launched with Payne Elementary School

  We recently had a great time with the young and eager students of Payne Elementary School in Washington DC.  With the help of school staff we developed a lesson plan discussing specific benefits of trees, while also touching on a number of broader issues listed below.  Over the course of one week all of […]

28th of May 2019

In the underdeveloped world, or in overdeveloped cities, more trees are needed

  When it comes to trees, there’s just no end to the amazing things these greenhouse gas-eaters an do. Among their many benefits, trees and green spaces help reduce urban air pollution and lower temperatures in sweltering cities, as a recent article from the United Nations Environment Programme explains. Because people don’t have to crank up […]