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2nd of November 2017

Peirce Mill Update #2: Ground cover blankets the orchard before winter

The crop cover blend over at the Peirce Mill orchard is doing well, thanks to some heavy rains in October and TLC from Tim Makepeace. The goal again was to plant a mixture of cover crops that would help nourish the soil for the orchard’s trees, and by the looks of things it’s all going […]

5th of September 2017

Peirce Mill update #1: Sewing a Blanket of Green Ground Cover

In order to build a bridge between tree planting efforts at home and on distant shores, we’re glad to be working with volunteers who have replanted a micro-version of the onetime very large Peirce Mill Orchard here in Washington, DC. In the early 19th century Peirce Plantation and its orchard covered a large area of […]

6th of August 2017

Dear Inconvenient Sequel, please meet Convenient Sequestration

I enjoyed seeing Al Gore’s new movie, An Inconvenient Sequel, and of course came away with newly stoked passion to Do Something about the whole climate problem…above and beyond starting a large scale reforestation organization.  One of the first Somethings is to write this review, so here it is. The “Climate Problem” is a big […]

1st of July 2017

Blue Carbon…it’s all in the mud

‘Blue Carbon’ is a blanket term for carbon captured in and around the world’s oceans and supporting ecosystems. The carbon captured by living organisms in oceans is stored in the form of sediments from mangroves, salt marshes and sea grasses.  ForestPlanet is determined to help replace mangrove trees, which survive in both salt-water and fresh-water […]

2nd of June 2017

Kudos to our first Corporate Partners

A key part of the ForestPlanet model is to partner with businesses from all over the world, and have them participate in the tree planting agenda.  The business partners realize well-earned positive good will and a boost to their brands as a result, and in many cases their carbon footprints are significantly offset.  We’re very […]