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19th of February 2022

Madagascar Mangrove Update

We love these photos of mangrove restoration in the Mahajunga region of western Madagascar. Our tree-planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, supplied these photographs. Mangroves matter, as discussed in detail in this previous post. Their removal destroys marine life habitats and accelerates shoreline erosion. However, replanting can have quick and vital results. Besides sequestering more carbon […]

24th of January 2022

Progress360 Event Series

In February 2020 ForestPlanet produced a very successful event that drove home a simple point: we can all do fun things and live normal lives while doing a good thing at the same time. And of course that ‘good thing’ is planting trees, in fact 20,000 of them in one night! Building on our initial […]

18th of January 2022

On Behalf of 770,000 Trees: Thank You

ForestPlanet is turning five years old. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing updates since exciting new things are happening across the organization. We are thankful for the small army of individual supporters, corporate partners, foundations, vendors, consultants, event attendees, sponsors, and friends who have helped us reach this milestone.  Together we have […]

28th of December 2021

Science + trees = more trees!

It’s go time. We are beginning the process of planting two million trees in our Irente planting site in Tanzania (introduced here). Because we want to do it right, we are partnering with Madrid-based GMV, a satellite monitoring partner that works with space agencies, governments, and people like us. GMV is the “leading provider of […]

17th of November 2021

One Soccer Game Leads to 10,000+ Trees Planted

When Major League Soccer’s D.C. United hosted the New York Red Bulls at Audi Field, more than 10,000 fans attended. Because the October 27th game was part of Sustainability Night at Audi Field, the action didn’t stop when the game ended. For every fan in attendance, one tree will be planted. ForestPlanet supports reforestation projects […]

12th of November 2021

Let the Planting Begin: 275,000 Trees at the Irente Planting Site in Tanzania

We are delighted to report that ForestPlanet’s partners will plant the first 275,000 trees in the Irente Planting Site over the next few weeks. Our friends—individuals and organizations—have made this possible through their support. The Irente Planting Site is a 2,200-hectare region of the Western Usambara Mountains region of northwest Tanzania. It will take more […]

2nd of October 2021

Encore E-recycle Event at Audi Field in Washington, DC on October 24th, 2021 – *Updated*

Our inaugural Drive-Through Electronics Recycling Event to Plant Trees held in 2020 was a big success. We’re happy to announce an encore to be held in Washington, DC, at Audi Field on October 24th, 2021. Special thanks to D.C. United for hosting this event, and to Audi of America for helping support this initiative as […]

13th of September 2021

Introducing the Irente Planting Site, Future Home to 2+ Million Trees

ForestPlanet will be planting 2+ million desperately needed trees in the coming months, and we’re excited by the challenge. Pictured above is the 2,200-hectare Irente planting site in the Western Usambara Mountain region of Tanzania; the site is about the size of 5,000 football fields. The Irente planting site sits on the edge of the […]

21st of August 2021

ForestPlanet working again with the AUDL: 2021 Championship Weekend, September 10th and 11th – *Updated*

Back in 2019, the American Ultimate Disc League selected ForestPlanet to be part of the 50,000 Tree Planting Challenge during 2019 AUDL Championship Weekend in Los Altos, California.  ForestPlanet is very glad to help make this year’s Championship Weekend a sustainability success story.  The League has pledged to plant five trees for every regular admission […]

12th of August 2021

Transforming a hillside and a community: Satellites help tell the story – *Updated*

We’re excited about using satellite technology to help monitor progress, including improvements to the environment and the community, due to the number of trees that we are helping to plant. Here is a satellite photo from 2017 of a 48-hectare plot of land (or “AOI” – area of interest), outlined in red.  This is the […]