Plant trees, plant hope

We work with experienced large scale tree planting operations all over the world and channel funds from businesses, individuals and foundations to support their efforts.  It’s not just about how many trees are getting planted, but more about the broader impact: wildlife habitat restoration, soil remediation, carbon sequestration and of course community development.

And community development means creating income security, food security and hope for hundreds of millions of people on the razor’s edge of starvation.  Trees are powerful engines for driving soil revitalization, as they fix nitrogen, help hold water and stimulate microbial diversity.

Trees help revitalize soil, and revitalized soil helps save the planet one community at a time.


Hundreds of billions of trees have been clear-cut in the last few decades, leaving soils exposed, depleted and incapable of supporting land-based or marine life.  This photo from western Madagascar shows what happens after billions of mangrove trees were clear-cut for lumber or for industrial shrimp farms.


It took only four years to transform this same field from a barren wasteland to a thriving mangrove forest.  ForestPlanet works with tree planting partners operating all over the world that are vetted for their effectiveness.  One such partner is Eden Projects, as they have clearly demonstrated their expertise and dedication.

Support is needed Now

ForestPlanet is a 501(c)3 organization in need of additional start-up funds.  In addition to planting trees, unrestricted donations go towards back-office development, visiting and vetting additional tree planting partners, in-house list growth, production of educational seminars and securing additional corporate partnerships.

We are creating a low-overhead, streamlined organization that can support large scale reforestation projects at an average cost of 10 cents per tree.

There’s no more cost effective way to help our fragile planet.

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