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First E-recycle event to plant trees a big success!

Our inaugural Drive-Through Electronics Recycling Event to Plant Trees on August 8th was a big success. We received over 100 loads of used electronics for proper disposal, including computers, monitors, printers, televisions and other items weighing a total of two tons. This means that a significant amount of mercury and other dangerous materials will never end up in a landfill or on some distant shore. Also, with the event proceeds ForestPlanet will plant 15,000 trees in parts of the world where they are needed the most.

Receiving used electronics items, starting the sorting process

Many thanks to our volunteers and supporting businesses Swarmbustin’ Honey, Kuppo, Zansors, DC Breeze, and Max & Steven’s for helping to make this event happen. Kudos also to the hard-working team from eRecyc, our R2 certified e-disposal vendor, who did a great job hauling equipment while quickly and safely easing people through the queue. Finally, extra special thanks to our wonderful hosts Ecoprint/More Vang for their generous support and for allowing us use their facilities.

A portion of the two tons of electronics collect in one day

We’re excited for the next event, since we can recycle electronics, replant trees, and protect communities all at the same time.

People stayed safely in their cars, and were in and out in minutes.

And the best part…15,000 trees will be planted as a result of this event! Our sincere thanks to all who participated!

Seedling farmers in Tanzania appreciate support from ForestPlanet!

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