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Mangrove importance: Big picture, human picture

This terrific profile of Brazilian fisherman Jose da Cruz by Reuters’ Nacho Doce (credit: all photos below) vividly illustrates why mangroves are so important to fighting the climate crisis and sustaining local communities.  To the first point, please check out our previous article: “Blue Carbon..It’s all in the Mud.” According to Doce’s article, one acre of this ecosystem absorbs “as much or more carbon dioxide as a similar area of the Amazon rain forest.”

Thanks to mangroves, the nutrient-rich mud serves as a perfect nursery for all manner of marine species.

But the magic of mangroves doesn’t stop there.  These vital CO2 storehouses help secure vulnerable shorelines, and their root systems act as safe haven nurseries for dozens of species at the bottom of the food chain. These havens effectively provide income security and food security, in the form of shellfish and other species, for people like Jose da Cruz and his otherwise marginalized community.

ForestPlanet and our tree planting partners are committed to helping replace the roughly 38 billion mangrove trees the planet has lost since 1990, and in so doing provide reliable employment for families like the da Cruz’s.  While, of course, drawing excess CO2 from the atmosphere and back into the soil where it can do crabby wonders.  Our role is to make the connections between proven tree planting organizations and our wonderful business partners, who have taken the lead in integrating tree planting with their product or service offering.  ForestPlanet has helped replant over 100,000 trees to-date, and we’re just getting started.  If you know of an organization that is interested in learning more please contact us at partnerships@forestplanet.org.


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