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21st of August 2021

ForestPlanet working again with the AUDL: 2021 Championship Weekend, September 10th and 11th – *Updated*

Back in 2019, the American Ultimate Disc League selected ForestPlanet to be part of the 50,000 Tree Planting Challenge during 2019 AUDL Championship Weekend in Los Altos, California.  ForestPlanet is very glad to help make this year’s Championship Weekend a sustainability success story.  The League has pledged to plant five trees for every regular admission […]

12th of August 2021

Transforming a hillside and a community: Satellites help tell the story – *Updated*

We’re excited about using satellite technology to help monitor progress, including improvements to the environment and the community, due to the number of trees that we are helping to plant. Here is a satellite photo from 2017 of a 48-hectare plot of land (or “AOI” – area of interest), outlined in red.  This is the […]

17th of May 2021

Forest Restoration: Reducing the risk of future pandemics

As the world continues to struggle with a global pandemic, many of us are asking, “What’s next?” Once we finally contain the current pandemic, how will we prevent the next one? What can we do now, as a society, to avoid future pandemics? One possible solution may lie hidden in the forest—healthy trees create a […]

5th of May 2021

After Winter’s Chill Has Gone: Can Trees Tell Time? *Updated*

Trees have a lot to teach us, if only we pay attention. Last fall, we moved three seedlings from the windowsill here at ForestPlanet World HQ. We “out-planted” them in a corner of the demonstration orchard at historic Peirce Mill here in Washington, DC. At a depth of about eight inches, the roots of the […]

9th of December 2020

Fruit of the Seas: Up from the Mud

When our partner Eden Reforestation Projects began their work, the mangrove forests in the Mahajanga region of western Madagascar were severely degraded. The lack of a healthy coastal ecosystem caused ocean life in the area to disappear and shorelines to erode; local populations suffered as a result. Through Eden’s reforestation efforts, supported in part by […]

27th of November 2020

Plant Trees, Plant Food Security

Trees provide many benefits as we all know, including channeling rainwater into substrata aquifers before it becomes damaging runoff. To varying degrees, depending on the species, trees sequester carbon and help cool the planet. From the Friends of Usambara Society (FUS), our tree-planting partner in Tanzania, comes the story of how trees are used to […]

21st of November 2020

Going Dormant during the Winter monthszzz

Winter is coming to North America, and here at ForestPlanet Global HQ it’s time to outplant the mini-forest that’s been happily growing all summer on our windowsill. Rather than bring our lovelies inside for the winter, Farmer Tim Makepeace of the Peirce Mill demonstration orchard recommends out-planting the seedlings, still in their pots, and deep […]

7th of October 2020

Bike Tune-up Events are a Hit: Updated

Like everyone else, during this Time of Covid here at ForestPlanet we have postponed any indoor events, including film screenings or our popular dance parties.  We hope everyone keeps safe for the time being, as all of this shall pass and soon we be able to assemble and celebrate. That said, we have been creative […]

16th of September 2020

Trees Create Wind?

“Forests are complex self-sustaining rainmaking systems, and the major driver of atmospheric circulation on Earth,” says Anastassia Makarieva of the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute. This is an interesting and controversial statement, termed the Biotic Pump theory, with multiple implications and ramifications. Put simply: Traditional theory: Trees grow when and where the winds bring the rain. […]

14th of August 2020

First E-recycle event to plant trees a big success!

Our inaugural Drive-Through Electronics Recycling Event to Plant Trees on August 8th was a big success. We received over 100 loads of used electronics for proper disposal, including computers, monitors, printers, televisions and other items weighing a total of two tons. This means that a significant amount of mercury and other dangerous materials will never […]