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2022: A Year of Events that Planted Trees

As the year winds down, we want to give a collective shout-out to all the event organizers and promoters who worked with us in 2022 to help make their activities more sustainable.  The “one ticket one tree” model is starting to take off since it’s a simple, affordable, and easily communicated way for organizations to make a sustainability statement and help offset the carbon footprint of their events.

Our Class of ’22 started at the stroke of midnight, ringing in the new year as we worked with Big Night DC New Year’s Eve Extravaganza.  More than 10,000 revelers gathered at the Gaylord Hotel to join the fun and, at the same time, plant 10,000 trees… just by attending!  We very much enjoyed mingling with merry-makers throughout the evening.

**UPDATE – THEY DID IT AGAIN!**  We were very glad to work with Big Night DC to ring in 2023, and once again with great results: 10,000 partiers = 10,000 trees!  Kudos for helping to get the New Year off to a sustainable start!


In April we were quite happy to work with D.C. United for a second straight year on their Sustainability Night, when 20,000 trees were planted in one night—one tree for each attendee at Audi Field!  It was a slightly rainy evening, but we enjoyed speaking with many fans and captured the experience in this brief video.  Enjoy!


Next up was the DC Breeze, who for the fourth straight year committed to plant one tree for every home ticket sold all season!  The Breeze had a solid year, making the play-offs once again, and at season’s end had added to their multi-year total of trees.  CONGRATS to the Breeze, as they have now planted 12,321 trees via our network, while providing great entertainment value to the metropolitan area.


At the league level, we were thrilled to work with the American Ultimate Disc League during their Championship Weekend in Madison, Wisconsin.  This year was the third straight year that we worked with the AUDL, and we’re glad to report that they’ve helped plant 92,500 trees over this period—very impressive!!


Finally, we’re happy to announce that our partnerships are now international! KUDOS to the organizers of the Fastest Mile, an athletic activities event for children of all ages, held in November in Mexico City.  Two hundred trees were planted as part of this event, helping to make it both healthy and sustainable!


We hope that other sports teams, athletic departments, concert promoters, travel and excursion agents, and professional conference and expo organizers all over the world follow the examples set by the forward-thinking organizations listed above and partner with ForestPlanet to plant more trees.

We believe 2023 will be our best year yet, and we’re happy to discuss any and all projects. Send an email to partnerships@forestplanet.org to start the conversation, we’d love to hear from you!



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