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Madagascar Mangrove Update

We love these photos of mangrove restoration in the Mahajunga region of western Madagascar. Our tree-planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, supplied these photographs.

Mangroves matter, as discussed in detail in this previous post. Their removal destroys marine life habitats and accelerates shoreline erosion. However, replanting can have quick and vital results. Besides sequestering more carbon than any other tree species, mangroves create the perfect breeding environment for multiple species at the base of the marine food chain.

This critical habitat can be restored quickly, but only if well managed and monitored, and only by practicing natural rehabilitation processes. The Eden team has been doing just that for many years, and the results speak for themselves.

The situation in 2008, just as work was beginning.

The photo above is of a small area along the shore of the Mozambique Channel in western Madagascar. Eden has worked with multiple local communities to replant the trees one at a time. Mangroves thrive in tidal areas like those pictured above, so the work must occur at low tide. The sites must be cleared of all debris, which is difficult in the best of circumstances, let alone in deep mud.

Time Again to Safely Enjoy Community, while Planting Trees!

Mangroves take root quite quickly, and within a year, healthy leaves have sprouted and young trees can double in height.

As the photo below shows, well-managed restoration projects can deliver great results. In this particular area, the turnaround time was only 12 years.

We invite you to scroll up and note the difference in water color and clarity between the two satellite photos. The color change is due to the fact that the mangrove roots help to hold the soil in place, which significantly cuts down on runoff and erosion. Cleaner water and healthier wildlife habitats benefit everyone.

These photos feature only a fraction of the tens of millions of trees that Eden Reforestation has planted over the years. ForestPlanet is glad to be one of many organizations supporting Eden’s efforts, proving once again that by all working together we can make good things happen.

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