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Business Partnerships

ForestPlanet is dedicated to expanding the beneficial impacts of trees, giving consumers and brands an easily communicated and low-cost way to make their eco-voices heard and dollars count.  Tree planting is a simple way to communicate sustainability while having a positive material impact.

ForestPlanet works with businesses to implement consumer friendly tree-planting ‘purchases’ at point of sale.  We also implement cause-marketing campaigns that tie corporate brands to authentic social and environmental action.  ForestPlanet in turn channels funds to on-the-ground experienced and trusted tree planting partners who plant the trees in areas having the greatest need while gainfully employing local labor.  For the local communities these partnerships result in increased food security, income security, education, and healthcare delivery.

Please reach out to us at if you’re interested in learning more.

We are grateful for the support of multiple business partners who have helped us plant over 30,000 trees in this our first year of operation (2018 to date).  These are brands that have decided to part of the solution, and their support is greatly appreciated.  Our partners include:

Ecoprint is a full-service, one-stop printing and mailing service provider in the Washington, DC area.  Their broad range of services  offered include design, digital & offset printing, mailing & fulfillment services, large format printing, signs & banners, promotional products, and wide format printing.  Ecoprint has committed to planting two trees with ForestPlanet for each print job completed.  Learn more at

Swarmbustin’ Honey is a family owned and operated apiary located in southeastern Pennsylvania.  They are committed to raising healthy bees and supporting other beekeepers that are experiencing stress.  Over 150 million acres of pollinator habitat has been lost in the US since 1995, with many millions more acres lost around the world.  They have over 500 hives spread over 18 yards, and over dozens of home-grown honey products.  They plant one tree for each online order, and give their customers the chance to “plant a tree with that” at check-out.  Learn more at

New Hampshire based AutoBeGreen was founded in 2011 and supplies “Environmentally Friendly Automotive Products” to the public via their website and other channels.  Their criteria for qualifying a product as “green” include high quality, proper packaging, affordability, and practicality.  Their main offering is re-refined, or “reclaimed”, motor oil.  Used motor oil can be cleaned and filtered for re-use, at a one-to-one ratio, with no loss of viscosity or other quality characteristics.   By comparison, a gallon of “new” motor oil is created from 42 gallons of crude oil.  Consequently, using reclaimed oil reduces demand for crude oil by a factor of 42-1.  AutoBeGreen plants five trees with each online order, and free shipping is available.  Learn more at

The DC Breeze is part of the American Ultimate Disc League, an organization with professional teams in 23 cities around the United States.  The sport is gaining popularity throughout the country, due to the fast pace of the game and the impressive skill of the home-grown players.  In 2018 the DC Breeze pledged to plant one tree for every home game ticket sold, resulting in thousands of trees getting planted throughout the ForestPlanet network.  We look forward to working again with the DC Breeze during the 2019 season, and expanding to other AUDL teams as well.  The latest DC Breeze updates can be found at their active social media page:

Magical Journeys Beyond is an outstanding tour company with the highest standards for guest satisfaction.  They are happy to facilitate your next adventure to South and Southeast Asia, with special focus on comfort, reliability, enjoyment, and safety.  Their destinations include India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. Other neighboring destinations are also available with our varied resources in numerous countries.  Magical Journeys Beyond plants at least ten trees for each and every guest booked on a tour with their company.  Learn more at

Publishing and consultancy 5D Vision has released a new book from author Valerio Zanini: Deliver Great Products That Customers Love.  For innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs, this book explains the step-by-step process of product development through five Dimensions: Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy, and Deliver.  The book includes several interviews with startup CEOs, as well as multiple use cases. Illustrated with diagrams, photos and worksheets.  5D Vision plants one tree for every book sold. Learn more at