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Peirce Mill Update #2: Ground cover blankets the orchard before winter

The crop cover blend over at the Peirce Mill orchard is doing well, thanks to some heavy rains in October and TLC from Tim Makepeace. The goal again was to plant a mixture of cover crops that would help nourish the soil for the orchard’s trees, and by the looks of things it’s all going according to plan.  Tim and his volunteers might cut things back come Spring 2018, let the organic material mulch, and even plant some more cover crop in case the crab grass tries for a rebound.

All this green is a huge attraction for bees and other pollinators, even in early November!  The “good insects” also keep destructive aphids in check, which means Tim and the gang don’t have to resort to pesticides and other chemicals to keep their trees safe.  Just letting Nature do her magic!


Same tree on 11/2/17!










So what happened next?

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