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First 1, First 100, First 10,000

January 18th marks our one-year anniversary, and we’re celebrating with gratitude that much of the ‘start-up’ slog is now in the rear view mirror: we recently received our 501(c)3 designation from the IRS, we’ve gone over the 10,000-trees-planted level, and we’re sneaking up on the first 100 followers on our Facebook page.  We also put a lot of back-office infrastructure into place so we are ready to scale up operations.

A special shout out is owed to our first three business partners: Ecoprint, Magical Journeys Beyond, and 5D Vision.  These companies stepped up to the plate and offered valuable support early in the process, and we very much appreciate their commitment to tree planting.

Moving forward, our plans for 2018 are simple: Bust out swinging and planting!  We’re encouraged by the great discussions that we had in 2017 with many dozens of potential business partners, and will be making new announcements soon enough.  We also plan to start traveling to the far corners of the earth to get first hand feedback on the tree planting programs that we’re supporting, and to research and interview new ones.

Also, Let there be Events! To start, mark your calendars for the 26th Annual Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital: March 15-25.  ForestPlanet will be participating in this festival as a supporting organization and we hope that you’ll come out and see a screening or seven.  More details to be revealed in the near future.

Also mark your calendars for the first ever ‘Nature Night’ with the Washington Nationals, August 21, 2018 vs. the Phillies.  We are organizing many other DC-area environmental organizations to join us at the ballpark that evening to cheer on the Nats and celebrate our various accomplishments.

Much more to come.  We hope that you will join us as we raise global awareness of the importance of reforestation, all while helping many millions of new trees take sure root!


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